Learning to Gild with Instacoll—Day 1!

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I’m always slow getting started when I want to learn a new skill. I have to get my head ready…my studio has to be (relatively!) clean and neat. Check! I have to have the laundry relatively caught up (working on that!) I have to have a cuppa coffee within easy reach.  Check! I have to be alone. Check! So here …

Come on in!

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Welcome to my studio and my very first blog entry! I hope that this little blog will be a glimpse into my life as a calligrapher. First off, I’m so excited about my new website. My last one was about 15 years old and WAY outdated! This has been a long time coming!

I plan to show here my favorite tools and materials as well as bring you along step-by-step with me as I create projects. I hope you’ll join me…it’s a fun journey! I think you’ll be encouraged if you’re desiring to be a calligrapher, or if you already are one, or if you just want to peek in and see the process.