Designing “T” and gilding a border

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letter T drawing for illumination and gilding blog-journalToday thus far I’ve designed our family name initial T

for my first real gilding project.  I am about to lay it

on my light table and trace it lightly onto my

140# Arches hot press watercolor paper.

The overall size of the paper will be 8 X 10 in

order to leave generous margins around the design.

I’m also going to experiment with colors to see

exactly where I want the gilding.

Here’s the design! What do you think?

gilded border blog-journal

Here’s the finished edge, gilded.  It’s not as smooth as it should be.  Something they say about practice…what was that?  🙂

I’m going to need quite a bit more practice, I know.  But for my first real effort, I’m not disappointed.  It’s so SHINY!

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