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I thought I would break out of my routine (Ha!) and actually write a blog post. All my resolutions to do better here have not been successful, but today’s a new beginning, right? I thought I’d share a piece I recently did for a bride in England. She and her husband danced to this song at their wedding, and she wanted the lyrics inscribed on a mat. She inserted the photo and framed it. She was really happy with it and sent me the pic after it was framed. I thought I’d share. I love to do things like this to help young couples remember their beautiful wedding day! If you want something similar, just contact me and I’ll be thrilled to work with you!
(AND this same idea could be used for ANY occasion…words to a poem or lullaby, school fight song, hymn, whatever you can think of!)

Have a gorgeous blessed day!

Song Lyrics on Mat

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