A new year and a new resolve!

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As anyone reading my blog can see, I completely failed as a blogger in 2016. I started out with several good posts, and then I fell flat. Life got the best of me! I simply did not have the motivation to make the time necessary to post even once a week! How do you blogging, homeschooling, creative, d-i-y, houseful of children, grow everything organically mamas DO IT? Really!? Please tell me!!! I would appreciate it SO MUCH! I am a mama too. But all mine are grown and only one is still living at home. (He has a good job and does all his own laundry.) My husband is retired and he is a big help to me whenever I need it….I stay very busy with my calligraphy, yes indeedy, I do! I also sew, but I don’t ever get around to that until I’m in a real pinch to get a doll outfit made for a granddaughter! Where does my time go? I’m sure I don’t know, but I’m hoping this year to tighten up my self-discipline and get more done!

I also need to take better care of myself. I started making time to walk each day. Then I got sick, so right now I can’t, but just as soon as I’m well, I’ll be walking again. Briskly! And I am planning to join a gym so I can exercise even when the Texas temp is a broiling 109.

So if you, bless your heart, made it through all the above, you are a real trooper and I thank you for caring. Please feel free to commiserate in the comment section below. ­čÖé

And here are pics of a few of my favorite commissions from the past few months. I’ve successfully done a few pieces with gilding,too. I’ll try to post additional pics in the next few days. Please visit often!

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