Pricing for Envelope Addressing

White, cream or ivory envelopes that are unlined (meaning I can see through them when I place them on my light table):

Centered Orientation$3.25 per outer envelope
Staggered Orientation (each line is indented from the left side a little more than the one above it, stair-step style)$2.75 per outer envelope
Inner Envelopes (orientation is always centered for inner envelopes)$1.00 per inner envelope

Envelopes that are lined and/or envelopes that are a color other than white, cream or ivory:

Per Outer envelope, staggered orientation (each line is indented from the left side a little more than the one above it, stair-step style)$3.25
Per Outer envelope, centered orientation$3.75
Per Return address, hand-written$0.75
Per Inner Envelopes$1.00

(Instead of having me hand-write each return address, you may ask me to letter one master return address and have the printer print the return addresses on the envelope flaps from that master. I charge $25.00 and the printer will charge no less than $35.00 depending on the printer and how many.) It’s a time-saver and up to you which you prefer.

For a custom ink color other than black or gold— please add a charge of $15
to the cost of the job.

For custom colors, I use gouache sometimes mixed with watercolor. Colored inks tend to be runny and inconsistent in color. I do use iridescent acrylic calligraphy inks which come in many colors.

Invitation Suites (these prices do not include printing costs)

Master design of the invitation itself (includes up to three changes)$200.00 (additional changes $30.00 each)
Master design of the return address for outer envelope flap$25.00
Master design of the response card envelope front address$35.00
Master design of the response card$50.00
Master design of separate reception card$125.00
Any other insert….will be priced per order

Master Design of Bride’s and Groom’s names

Names only -- to be inserted in the printer’s text for the invitation:$75.00


At least three design options will be submitted to you at a cost of$85.00
Additional designs$10.00 each.
Hand-painted rosebud, daisy, etc. on envelope or invitation$1.00 each

Pricing for Day-Of Materials

Per Card for table signs, if using numerals only$3.50
Per card for table signs if using words$5.00
Per card for escort cards (names on envelopes with table numbers on card insert; or table tents with name on outside and table number written on the inside)$1.50
Per card for place cards (one name only) or to add a name to a menu$0.75

Other Signage

Seating ChartsCustom priced depending on complexity of style, size, and art options
Chalkboards (provided by you—can be purchased and shipped to me):Price will depend on the size and amount of text, as well as the complexity of the design you would like.
Menus (to be printed—does not include printer’s costs)$150.00 and up for high-resolution digital file sent to your printer or mine. (Price depends on amount of text and complexity of design and includes two changes. Additional changes $30.00 each)

Any other signage: e.g. “Here Comes the Bride”, “Parking”, “Reserved”, “Bride”, “Groom”, “Eat, Drink and Be Married”, etc. is priced per order depending on what you want and what writing surface is used.

Custom Poems, Quotes, Song Lyrics, Scriptures, etc.

Each commission will be priced according to length of text and complexity of design. Starting prices for calligraphy only are calculated as follows:

Number of words ÷ 8 x $4 = base price of lettering ($0.50 per word). This price increases for highly decorative lettering.

Base layout fee for any piece larger than 8 X 10 is $30.00. This price increases based on length of text and complexity of design.

When to Expect An Order:

I normally stay booked 6 weeks in advance. If you need a rush order, please contact me. I will do my best to accommodate your time requirements, if at all possible, but there will be a 25% up-charge for a rush order.